Everything from syntax, documentation, parameters, and arguments to local and global variables

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Hello, and welcome to my guide to Python user-defined functions. This article will cover the basics of Python user-defined functions, the syntax you must master, and examples to help you consolidate your newly acquired knowledge.


In simple terms, a function takes an input, performs a computation, and produces an output…

If you practice your Python, you will get better. Else, you won’t!

Hello Pythonistas, I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during these difficult times. For those of you who have been following my blog, welcome back. For our noobcomers, congratulations on starting your Python adventure. Part 5 of my ‘Beginners Guide to Python’ is all about if/elif/else statements. My series…

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I’m a junior data scientist who enjoys long-distance running, football, travelling, reading, food, programming… the list could go on. Never stop learning!

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